Trade Law Department

The activity of this Department relies on the permanent service of commercial law companies, however we also assists in ad hoc cases in this area. Our service covers every aspect of the functioning of a company, from making the choice of the legal form of the company, through the drawing up of Articles of Association and registration,  to the assistance in the ongoing activity of the company. We also provide services related to the dissolution of companies. Our team’s extensive experience in trade law cases is based upon the assistance of large companies, therefore our services are at the highest substantive and organisational level.

Fields of expertise

  • The choice of the legal form of a company
  • Drawing up of Articles of Association
  • Registration of a company
  • Company’s ongoing activity
  • Representation, management of the company’s affairs
  • Decision-making in a company
  • Company asset management
  • Dissolution of a company
  • Service of the governing bodies of the Company, including the service of their meetings
  • Resolution of disputes between shareholders
  • Legal assistance related to the transformation and liquidation of entrepreneurs

Head of the Department

Grzegorz Dyjas

Legal Counsel