Criminal Law Department

Within the Criminal Law Department, the Firm provides assistance to the clients in criminal and misdemeanour cases, in particular cases related to economic offences and fiscal penal offences.

Lawyers of the Firm represent clients and provide legal advice in preparatory proceedings, appear in court proceedings as defenders or attorneys of auxiliary and private prosecutors.

Experience gained during the participation in preparatory proceedings and criminal proceedings corresponds to the proper professionalism of the services. We adopt an individual approach to each case, taking effective action on each stage of proceedings before the law enforcement authorities and common courts of all instances.

Fields of expertise

  • Economic criminal law, including in particular cases of: causing damage to business transactions, extortion, damage to creditors
  • Fiscal penal law
  • Criminal law in the enforcement of intellectual property and copyright law, including in particular cases of: unlawful use of patent, protection or registration rights, appropriation of authorship, illegal distribution of a work, distortion of a work
  • Criminal law related to the protection of family and freedom, including in particular cases of: mistreatment, non-alimony, stalking, identity theft, disturbing domestic peace
  • Criminal and civil law related to violation of personal rights, honour, dignity, sexual freedom, including but not limited to: asserting property and non-property claims related to violation of personal rights; defamation, insult, violation of physical integrity, rape, sexual exploitation
  • Criminal law related to the safety in road communication, including in particular: causing a road accident, driving while intoxicated, driving after the withdrawal of the licence.

Head of the Department

Paweł Szeląg

Legal Counsel